North Summit has introduced 60+ people to Christ and has baptized 40 people. We’ve brought hope and healing to relationships, supported ministries, had 20+ local shows and several video game nights, trained leaders, and much more. This past year, we’ve taken a significant amount of time to pray, fast, talk, and dream about the future of this ministry. It is time to let you in on what that future holds.

We believe that God is repositioning us and calling us to be an entirely new ministry. Our call is to build a church that is deeply rooted in discipleship and community impact. We want to create a culture of values where we encounter Christ, live a life of endurance, equip and encourage others, and evangelize. In order for us to create this culture, we believe that God is calling us to start with a fresh and new vision.

This means North Summit, as we all know it now, will have its last service on 12-29 at 10am. After this, we will take the first 9 months of the new year (January-September) to fervently build our new ministry as follows: 

We will have a worship gathering once a month (First Sunday of the month), we will gather in life groups (Second and fourth weeks of the month), and participate in all church outreach events to make an impact in the community (Third week of the month and in our individual groups). Our hope is to launch weekly worship in Fall of 2020 with around 10 groups of 10 or more people. We will be working hard to build a team of elders and leaders and relying on people like YOU to help make this ministry a fruitful, intergenerational ministry that loves God, loves people, and proves it. 


Here’s what you can do: if you still have questions, ASK! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Pray for us, help us financially as we walk into this new future, and join us if you can! We will be starting life groups in January (More information to follow). Come to a gathering (The first one is 1-5 at Bunker Hills Activity Center in Andover at 4pm). 

There is a survey on our website where we would love and appreciate your feedback. This survey is available for people who have been to North Summit and for people who have never been to North Summit. You can find all the information about our future, updates, and the survey on our new site at We will be listening in humility to your feedback and to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

We can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds for us!   

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